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Simball Box to be used in Laparoscopic surgery training course

As a Simball Box pioneer Practicum Clinical Skills Centre at Lund University Hospital in Sweden has decided to use the concept in their up-coming laparoscopic training course Nov 24-26.

Prototype versions of Simball Box were tested at a similar training course in May 2014.

”The overall experience from that prototype testing in May were positive from both teacher and novice perspective”, says course directors Consultant Surgeon Mikael Ekelund MD,PhD and Consultant Surgeon Dan Sevonius MD.

”The quantitative performance feedback that Simball Box enables seems to have a potential to contribute to improved training efficiency”, they continue.

The Simball Box team is looking forward to the course and wishes Mikael, Dan and their team good luck!

For more information contact Jonas Nilsagård: M. +46 734 298155,

Introducing simball Box!

G-coder Systems AB is proud to announce the launching of the new product simball Box.

”With simball Box we offer the surgeons and surgeon students true metrics and haptics of their box training performance”, says Jonas Nilsagård CEO of G-coder Systems AB.

The need for improved quantitative metrics for box training has been the major driver for the development of simball Box since 2013. Input from and prototype testing by experienced surgeon trainers have been important for specifying the functionality of the concept. The response from pilot users have been overwhelming and indicates the need for true metrics also in box training.

Real laparoscopic instruments are possible to use together with an adjusted version of Simball joysticks thereby allowing movement tracking of the instruments. Parameters such as instrument path length, speed, acceleration and smoothness when training are calculated.

The concept also include tailormade world class plastic models and training modules with special focus on suturing. As outcome the system generates easy-to-understand reports and diagram on the resident’s training performance.

Simball Box can also be used for certification of surgeon residents thereby complementing today’s qualitative assessments by surgeon teachers. Development of new instruments is another area where the concept can add important testing input.

”Some studies together with hospitals are already planned as a way to step by step truly verify the benefits of the concept”, means Olle Takman CTO of G-coder Systems AB. Olle emphasizes the interest in establishing more partnerships with hospitals for running several clinical studies.

For more information contact Jonas Nilsagård: M. +46 734 298155,

Clinical study with Simball Box receives scholarship


Johanna Österberg and Arestis Soukrates of Mora hospital of Sweden

In a Swedish study surgery performance differences between using 3D endoscope to conventional 2D endoscope is investigated.

Alltogether 30 surgeons will perform defined box training modules. Simball Box is used to track the movement of the surgeon instruments.

With the tracking parameters like instrument path length and speed are enabled and used for comparing surgery performance of 2D to 3D endoscope.

For this pioneer study Consultant Surgeon Johanna Österberg MD PhD, Arestis Soukrates MD and Per Holmström MD of Mora hospital of Sweden was awarded a scholarship from SIKT, Swedish association of Innovative Surgery Technology, Aug 19.

Congratulations from the Simball Box team!