Simball joysticks

Maximised robustness & user friendliness

The mission back in 2006 was to develop a joystick concept that finally could meet requirements of robustness, user friendliness and cost effectiveness for demanding simulation applications.


Simball joysticks utilizes the natural movement of a ball joint. The mechanical design is simplified with only one moving component that cannot break down. All electronics is designed to last endurantly and create true robustness minimising service and maintenance need.

User friendliness

Just plug the USB cable to your computer and start your training. Calibration is not needed whatsoever!

Enhanced sense of reality

Lifelike training instruments is a critical parameter enabling a true sense of reality in simulation training. This is one of our specialist areas. Check out our unique assortment here.

Flexibility & cost effectiveness

Several Simballs can be connected to each other in various configurations. Check out a triple configuration example for laparoscopic training on our SimStation here.

With a flexible arm as option the joystick can be positioned in every angle to suit your individual need for optimised ergonomics. But most of all; various training instruments can be used in the very same joystick. Our dedicated SW detects automatically which instrument type that is in use.


Simball joysticks is prepared for easy integration with your SW-applications. Contact G-coder and we will hand over our tailormade API.

Patented position sensor technology

Our self-developed sensor technology detects the movements of the ball joint has proven as reliable and precise as expected. Read more here.