G-coder sensor technology

For detecting the movements of the ball joint of the Simball joystick
we developed a new sensor technology; G-coder sensors.

gcoder-simball-technology-1G-coder sensors enable true non-contact 3D measuring of movements and deformations of an object with only one sensor. The technology is “machine vision” based and has been developed and patented by G-coder Systems AB since 2005.

The unique elements;

  • A dot pattern which is laser marked in the surface of the moving body
  • Advanced analysis of the images from an optical sensor

G-coder sensor technology offers:

  • Absolute measurement, no calibration is needed
  • Ability to detect movements also on non-plane surfaces like shafts and spheres; for example the ball joint sphere in Simball joysticks
  • High resolution
  • Easy to embed
  • Includes few moving parts
  • Cost and size effective

G-coder sensor technology is available for other applications. Contact us with your ideas!